What Ford Got Wrong in the 2021+ Ford Bronco | What's Missing & How to Fix It!

What Ford Got Wrong in the 2021+ Ford Bronco | What's Missing & How to Fix It!

The Bronco currently lacks essential convenience features such as storage solutions, adequate lighting, and protective measures. However, depending on your perspective, this absence can be a blessing in disguise, especially for those who enjoy customizing their Bronco.

Fortunately, if you're a proud Bronco owner seeking to better your driving experience without breaking the bank, you've come to the right place. In this blog post, we'll explore a selection of budget-friendly interior modifications that not only improve the convenience of your Bronco but also infuse a personalized touch. With most of these items priced under $100, they offer accessible upgrades for Bronco enthusiasts of all kinds. Be sure to check out my video going in depth on all these upgrades & more at the end of this post!

Convenient Enhancements for the First Row
Transforming the front row of your Bronco into a user-friendly haven involves a series of thoughtful modifications. Let's begin with an absolute essential – grab handles. Surprisingly omitted by Ford, these handles not only simplify getting in and out of your Bronco but also serve as a customizable accessory. Available in a myriad of colors, they add a personalized touch to your driving experience.

Moving on to the ongoing issue of limited cup holders, especially if you have kids, consider the practicality of door bins/cupholders. These organizers not only provide additional cup holder space but become versatile compartments for various items, from water bottles to handy sanitizers. For those not enamored with door bins or cup holders, alternative options like door bags, which have the same style of the roll bar storage bags. The best part? They match perfectly with Badlands Broncos, complete with the Badlands Orange vibrant trim roping.

Now, let's address the ever-present companion – your phone. If cup holders are occupied or you prefer keeping your phone within sight, explore drop-in bins for extra storage. Alternatively, a dash organizer with a built-in phone mount proves invaluable, offering not only a secure place for your phone but also additional organization space for keys and sunglasses. And for those who find joy in charging their phones during drives, a wireless dash charger becomes a game-changer, particularly for those without the Lux package.

For additional phone charging options, especially if you have young passengers with electronics, a secondary phone charger comes in handy. This arm rest wireless charger is a multitasking accessory not only charges phones but features a built-in organizer, tackling the challenge of organizing deep spaces within your Bronco.

Now, let's not forget the small yet significant detail – your key. If you don't have a key fob protector with a convenient hook, finding a designated spot for your key becomes essential. Whether it's in your purse, pocket, or, like some, secured in the saddle, this ensures a secure location for a vital item.

Speaking of the saddle, it serves a surprising dual purpose. Beyond its intended use, it transforms into a practical trash can during long road trips. We found this convient over the course of our long journey to Utah, where the saddle proved its worth over 9 days of driving and off-roading.

Finally, consider the addition of an armrest, a modification that might initially seem unnecessary but proves its value during extended drives. With various patterns to suit different tastes, including options with pockets for extra storage, the armrest becomes a functional and stylish addition to the front row of your Bronco.

While not strictly a convenience item, carbon fiber accents offer both protection and a rugged aesthetic. Especially beneficial during off-road adventures, these accents shield the interior from scratches, adding a distinctive Raptor-style look.


Practical Upgrades for the Second Row
Heading to the 2nd row of the Bronco.... Some of these ideas also coincide with the front modifications. You'll find grab handles and rear storage bins on the list again, these are especially handy if you have kids, adding more cup holder space and a spot for miscellaneous items.

Speaking of cup holders, there's an extra one in the middle – a smart addition that doesn't get in the way of a middle child's feet too much. It's easily removable if not needed, allowing you to fold the seats while offering more drink storage, ideal for families with more than two kids.

Now, for a must-have, especially if you have children: door sill protectors. It's surprising Ford didn't include these, given the Bronco's doorless feature. These protectors prevent scratches on the door sill and are essential for maintaining your Bronco's appearance.

Moving to kid-friendly conveniences, there's a compact organizer that doubles as a water bottle holder, tablet holder, and toy organizer. It uses the Molle panel backing effectively, adding extra convenience – Asher even uses his as a makeshift trash can.

We all know the Bronco lacks interior lighting, so adding a cargo light not only aids those in the front but significantly improves visibility in the back. A necessary addition, especially for nighttime drives. While some of these rear modifications might sound similar to those in the front, they collectively make the back row of the Bronco more user-friendly. 

Protection Mods for the Rear Trunk and Cargo Area
Let's explore the cargo trunk area. I highly recommend the first two items, especially for soft top owners. The cargo rail protector effectively safeguards your paint during soft top movements, preventing rubbing damage. Equally crucial is the roll bar protector, essential before fully retracting your top to avoid scratching the roll bars.

For those concerned about carpets, MGV enthusiasts, and leather fans, the rear seat protectors are a must. Offering two versions, my preferred one features a rugged full velcro back. It's puzzling why there's carpet on the back of a marine-grade vinyl seat when easy hosing and cleaning are expected. Whether you plan off-road adventures or have pets, these protectors are a convenient necessity.

Complementing the rear seat protector, a cargo mat is a sensible addition. I provide two types – the rugged version, my personal favorite for its lifts accommodating hooks, and the original version, which requires cutting for hook access. The latter offers more sidewall protection if that's a priority. For extra storage, explore the Molle panels, showcased in a recent install video, or my favorite roll bar bags that attach to the roll bar for convenient storage.

Enhancing the cargo area's convenience is extra lighting. The cargo light, with its impressive brightness, facilitates nighttime navigation of your trunk space.  

In summary, all of these modifications not only enhance the convenience of your Bronco but also provide an opportunity for personalization. Explore these options at Buckle Up Off-Road and embark on a journey of customization that aligns with your driving preferences and style. Be sure to check out the my video that goes into more detail about each of these products and more, even a sneak peek of upcoming products! Until next time, Buckle Up Buttercup!

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  • I love the attention to the everyday problems! These trucks are definitely lacking in storage! I just got mine and I’m looking to upgrade. Sorry if you’ve had to answer this a lot but any idea when you’ll get more door bins, saddles, and cups holders? I love your story and your business and want to support!

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