Tailgate Transformation | Toughness for the Trails!

Tailgate Transformation | Toughness for the Trails!

In today's video, we're tackling a common issue off-road enthusiasts face – those annoying squeaks and cracks in the tailgate, especially when you're rocking larger tires on your Ford Bronco.  Plus, with bigger tires, there's a real risk of damaging that tailgate – buckling, cracking, denting – you name it. Even if you've got the stock setup, you might still be dealing with these problems. But fear not, I've got a solution for you – the Buckle Up Off-Road Braptor Tailgate Reinforcement and Hinge Replacement.  Today, we're installing this bad boy to beef up the tailgate and make it more resilient.  

Installation is easy and won’t take too long. I do recommend having a helping hand to help maneuver the tailgate into the trunk/cargo area of the Bronco. Since we are keeping all the electrical intact, it’s nice to have some extra muscle to help move the tailgate into the proper position.

One thing to check out before installation is the difference between the stock hinge and the new one – this new thing is a beast. It’s thick, heavy, and is going to do a great job in adding strength and stability to the tailgate, especially if you go on many off-road adventures.

And there you have it, folks! I'm loving the new look – it blends in so seamlessly that it feels like it's meant to be there. No aftermarket vibes here. If you're interested in this upgrade, or other Braptor-Style upgrades, check it out buckleupoffroad.com. Until next time, Buckle Up Buttercup!


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