The Perfect Roar: Installing the MBRP Stainless Steel 3-inch High Clearance Single Exit Exhaust on Buttercup 2.0

The Perfect Roar: Installing the MBRP Stainless Steel 3-inch High Clearance Single Exit Exhaust on Buttercup 2.0

Today is the day we've all been waiting for! After nearly nine months of anticipation, the time has finally come to give Buttercup 2.0 the upgrade she deserves. That's right, we're talking about installing the MBRP Stainless Steel 3-inch High Clearance Single Exit Exhaust (Armor Pro)!

Now, before we dive into the nitty-gritty of this installation, let's talk about why I chose this specific exhaust system from the plethora of options that MBRP offers. With choices ranging from single exit to dual exit, and various materials like stainless steel and aluminum, it can be overwhelming. However, for me, the decision was clear – I needed that high clearance for my off-roading adventures. No more worrying about bashing my exhaust system against rough terrain!

And let's not forget about the durability of stainless steel. It's built to withstand whatever Mother Nature throws its way, ensuring that Buttercup's new upgrade will last for years to come. Plus, MBRP provides everything you need for installation, regardless of whether you have a two-door or a four-door, 2.3L or a 2.7L Bronco. And if modifications are needed, they've got you covered with additional components.

Now, onto the installation process itself. With my trusty tools in hand, I got down and dirty (literally) to get Buttercup ready for her transformation. Despite a few sandy mishaps and a brief firing of the car washer (oops!), the installation was surprisingly straightforward. And with the final piece in place, it was time for the moment of truth – firing up Buttercup for that first cold start.

The sound of the MBRP exhaust was music to my ears – deep, throaty, and unmistakably powerful. It wasn't overly loud, but it definitely made its presence known, which is exactly what I was looking for. But of course, the real test was yet to come – the drive-thru test. And I'm pleased to report that Buttercup passed with flying colors, allowing me to place my order without any communication issues.

With the installation complete and the drive-thru conquered, it was time to hit the road and put Buttercup's new exhaust to the test. And let me tell you, it did not disappoint. From the smooth purr during highway cruising to the satisfying growl when I put my foot down, this exhaust strikes the perfect balance between performance and comfort.

In conclusion, I couldn't be happier with the MBRP Stainless Steel 3-inch High Clearance Single Exit Exhaust. It's everything I could've hoped for and more – durable, powerful, and tailor-made for my off-roading adventures. So if you're in the market for a new exhaust system for your Bronco, look no further than MBRP. Be sure to get yours from Buckle Up Off-Road and until next time, keep adventuring and keep that engine roaring, and remember to always Buckle up Buttercup!


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