About Me

Who is Krista?

Krista Matusky is well-known in the automotive community as a content creator, off-roader, and Bronco enthusiast, who can be seen on the YouTube channels "Buckle Up Buttercup" & "Import Image Racing."

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Content Creator & Ambassador

Friends of Ford

Krista has been featured in Ford Motor Company's Women Entrepreneurs Day 2022 spotlight, and is a member of their exclusive Friends of Ford Community. She is recognized for her contributions in the Ford Community.

In the News

Krista is an author and contributor to the FordMuscle & OffRoad Xtreme magazines and has been featured in numerous newspaper articles, such as Detroit Free Press, Hemmings, & TV shows such as Todo Tampa Bay.


Krista is a Social Media Correspondant for SEMA and participated in the 2022 All Female Bronco build. She is recognized in the community for her coverage of The SEMA Show in Las Vegas & SEMA Garage in California and Michigan.

New Brand

After being a professional YouTuber specializing in Ford Bronco for over 2 years, Krista launched her own Bronco brand of products in 2023. Buckle Up Off-Road is enthusiast inspired and offers products at an affordable price.